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Vastuwishwas took shape from professional as well as personal life experience gained during preparation and maintenance of clients portfolio and financial planning with a need for providing specialised combination of commercial and financial solution from a single window, is the first of its kind platform to effectively connect the prospective buyer of housing property with the sense of belongingness called “ Wishwas” in Central India based at Nagpur and leader in providing successful interlinking to our esteemed clients.

Our goal is to provide dual end support system to property buyer as well as seller to reach a proper and judicious decision-making regarding hassle free transition of property rights allowing them to utilise their quality time to target more on their CORE activity and ensuring delivery of best possible solution to enhance their property possession satisfaction quotient.

Our best-in-class, results-driven reputation, strong analytical support track record, and proven business module, makes us the choice for all kinds of property solutions. Vastuwishwas has built its value proposition as a client partner service provider with the ability to provide customized solutions based on the client’s requirements and out of the box standard quality processes.

Vastuwishwas Operates on a centralized data platform with the flexibility to respond to a rapidly changing market place, and to scale operations to meet client specifications.

Vastuwishwas is an end-to-end solution provider with an extensive portfolio of housing property transfer matters.

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Vastuwishwas To be the perfect platform that best understands and satisfies the interlinking process between a holistic banker and stressed property holder who got trapped in between the financial mis-tangle due to unforeseen and unavoidable circumstance, through innovative ways and timely pull outs. We desire to provide a wider base of prospective customer reach through our platform specially in case of non-Nationalised banks and Co-Operative banking sector where still neither any common platform is available nor the general investor public is aware of such a huge opportunity of prospective property possession and value of return.

We observed that in common Indian thinking process “stressed asset is considered as lesser auspicious” which myth we desire to brake by instilling a new confidence in prospective buyer that KEEP WISHWAS IN VASTU and enjoy the feeling of valued possession.

We foresee an increasingly diverse requirements in the areas of futuristic living patterns such as green and clean environment peaceful and natural habitat related issues.

We will be providing single window platform of choice to any prospective house property buyer in the form of choices between AUTION PROPERTIES, NEW SALE PROPERTY AND RESALE PROPERTIES.

“A ONE STOP SOLUTION FOR PROPER AND JUST DECISION MAKING. The dream is “a prospective buyer can surf and finalise his choicest house situated at his native place or at his work place in one attempt”


To become an organisation where customer satisfaction & high level of confidentiality is the objective. We will meet our challenging goals by engaging the talent and passion of people, who believe that there is always a better way to accomplish the task. We build quality partnerships and use our operational expertise to create value for our customers.

Vastuwishwas’s vision is based on the core values of our commitment to integrity, commitment to teamwork & commitment to quality. At Vastuwishwas a team is continually expanding upon our knowledge and services to assist clients with successfully implementing of their “dream – owing a wealthy property”.

Are you ready for the posting you property on this Site?

We enhance the visibility of your property online in front of users which increase the possibility to get responses from client very soon. .

Why Vastuwishwas …..

Dreaming and Owning a suitable, comfortable, affordable and likeable house property passes through various phases of personal choice, family responsibilities, social norms, budgetary constraints and above all your luck factor to possess a dream house.

In today’s tough scenario, where getting a small work - brake is becoming a debatable point, sparing a good amount of active work time for scouting, searching, analysing and finalising prospective home becomes very difficult and cumbersome both physically as well as mentally.

To bridge the dream and reality of owning a house property without compromising your dream vision, Vastuwishwas comes into your assistance for best option selection within 3 available verticals - – a) Auction Property Sale b) New Property Sale c) Resale of Housing Property.

We provide open platform to prospective sellers of the property, to put their property into our WEBSPACE WITHOUT COST to get maximum possible outreach to prospective buyer and get maximum benefit in terms of time, value and reliability.

On the other side, we will provide multi fold choices and options to the prospective buyer in a bare minimum subscription platform for proper and judicious selection of housing property in minimum possible time and energy.

The Space age generation demands quick, best, reliable and lasting solution, and we are determined to provide them their value for money.

We commit ourselves to build Vastuwishwas customer friendly in such a way that each and every “ifs and buts’ of our client are attended to- in a reliable and unique way by the time-tested solutions provided by our eminent and knowledgeable panel of experts in real time to provide the maximum gain for our client at most reasonable cost.

Our pro-active presence along with technical expertise, all solutions under one roof approach will surely convert into the state-of-the-art delivery modules.

We are proud of our talent pool for their expertise and professionalism coupled with team spirit and adaptability.

The countable benefits of Vastuwishwas service are:

  • • Reduction in time & Direct Cost for scouting the desired property.
  • • High reliability and risk-free transition.
  • • Higher audience per property due to single platform.
  • • Fewer hassles and faster decision making through analytical feedbacks.
  • • Unique service packages

Establishment Details:


Principal Promotor: Ravindra Jawalkar
Contact Us : (Ph) 0712-2750598, ( M) 9822735384, 8308107777
E Mail : Ravindra.jawalkar@vastuwishwas.com, admin@vastuwishwas.com
Website : https://vastuwishwas.com